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Devb Inc introduces the Saratoga-Cloud range of products for Education, Banking, Healthcare and Insurance related industries. Saratoga is a code generator and code assembler serving as the front-runner to many institutions. It works as a nimble, connective system that can integrate with cloud instances, large permissioned blockchain servers and different information providers offering a seamless process flow.

"Great set of products that serve any enterprise moving to the cloud or blockchain".

Clients verdict

AWS Access Parameters

Code type

Do you want to create the code for AWS serverless Lambda or for EC2 instance running Node.JS? (code is generated in JS only)


The access must be ready before the function is generated. Visit your AWS console and set an IAM user whose role can access EC2, SMS, S3, DynamoDB or some other.

H-Fabric Parameters

Peer certificate

Do you want to use the peer certificate that comes with Hyperledger Fabric or generate own certificate? (code is generated in JS only)



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